TP5400 Datasheet (Translated)

Cleaned up, transcribed information on the TP5400 lithium-ion charge/boost chip.

Below is cleaned up, transcribed (google translate) information on the TP5400 lithium-ion charge/boost chip.


  • Typical programmable charging current up to 1000mA, max 1200mA
  • Typical boost output current up to 1000mA (Vbat = 3.3v), max 1500mA (Vbat = 3.8v)
  • Automatic frequency adjustment, adapts to different output loads (5v output no-load current is less than 10uA). Output auto cutoff when battery voltage is low (Vbat < 3.0v)
  • Designed for single-cell lithium-ion batteries
  • Boost regulator high efficiency (88% typical)
  • Constant current/constant voltage charging operation with thermal regulation that maximizes charge rate without risk of overheating
  • 4.2v preset charging voltage with +/- 1% accuracy
  • 5v preset boost voltage with +/- 2.5% accuracy
  • Maximum input voltage 9v
  • Two status LEDs: open drain driven LEDs
  • C/5 charge termination current
  • Current charge C/5 below 2.9v
  • Soft start reduces inrush current
  • No external MOSFET, sense resistor, or isolation diode required
  • 8-pin ESOP thermally enhanced package

Tolerances / Ratings

  • Input Voltage (VCC): -0.3v to 10.0v
  • PROG: -0.3v to VCC+0.3v
  • BAT: 0v to 7v
  • VOUT: -0.3v to 10v
  • CHRG: -0.3v to 10v
  • BAT short circuit duration: continuous
  • BAT pin max current: 1200ma
  • Maximum junction temp: 145 °C
  • Working temp range: -40 °C to 85 °C

Pin Function

Pin 1: (VOUT) Voltage Output Pin

Pin 2: (CHRG) Open drain charge state LED

Pin 3: (PROG) Charge current setting.

Pin 4: (STNDBY) Open drain standby state LED

Pin 5: (VCC) Positive output of boost circuit

Pin 6: (BAT) Positive connection to battery

Pin 7: (GND) Ground

Pin 8: (LX) Internal output for boost circuitry

Status LED States

CHRG (Pin 2)

STNDBY (Pin 4)

Typical LED Color






Battery Full



Missing Battery



Boosting + Not Charging



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